What is the point of “performance” training?

The measure of the effectiveness of a leader is directly connected to the level of influence. How well leaders are able to motivate, inspire, and lead others is connected to how well they “perform” when communicating.
For most executives, you’re not training to be perfect orators who can mesmerize a room. You’re trying to develop presence to connect with and inspire others. You want to build trust and credibility, and be clear and energetic. You want your seat at the table to count. This type of presence does not come from perfect, robotic gestures and words with lyrical cadence. It does not come from taking one public speaking class. It is also not out of reach.
The type of presentation ability that propels careers and builds followership comes from the inside out. You already have it. Presence comes from developing intentionality and making individual connections. You do it all the time with friends and family members. It’s when we’re under stress and in anxiety-filled situations that we forget what we already know.
There is no right way! In the end, much of your style has to be what works for you. What makes a person a strong presenter is that their presence shines through, showing their passion and expertise for their topic. Authenticity overrides form. We have adapted well to reading authenticity. We readily sniff out a person who cares, and we hone in on that. Authenticity creates a trust bond and establishes credibility. The rest becomes superfluous.
I have been successfully teaching and coaching these skills to enhance people’s existing talents for almost 15 years now.

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