What Can Professional Development Do For YOU?


I’m proud to be a member of STTACC, Staff Training for Technical and Community Colleges. As a part of this group, I join with schools like Green River Community College, Centralia College and Renton Technical College to bring quality education to students and adults in the Puget Sound. But what if you’ve already got a good job, or maybe you don’t need a degree for the job you’re doing? Why go back to school? Because Professional Development and Continuing Education can help you be better at your job, helping you to be more successful and to enjoy your work more.


STTACC recommends Professional Development and Continuing Education to:


  • – Retain and sharpen old skills
    – Develop new skills
    – Create networking opportunities
    – Expand horizons and explore career opportunities
    – Keep up-to-date on industry trends
    – Draw upon fresh perspectives


Don’t take my word for it though. Check out STTACC’s latest newsletter. It explains why Professional Development and Continuing Education are so important, and gives you an insider’s view of several local colleges including a peek at Green River Community College (see page 12) where I teach a series of communications classes. So if you are looking for more information on local community and technical colleges, check out this newsletter. It’s full of information that can help you advance your career now!


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