Résumé Tip #2: Naming Your Attachment

Gone are the days where we had a printer design and print our résumé in bulk, to be mailed with a cover letter on the same stationery to a prospective employer. Now we typically email our résumés as attachments. Did you know that one of the first impressions you are making on a prospective employer is this all-important email? Not only is the content of your “letter” important, but remembering to attach your résumé and appropriately naming that document are also critical components.

I have screened thousands of résumés sent by email, and I’ve learned that the best thing you can do is to label your résumé with the word Résumé followed by a comma and your first and last names. For example, my résumé attachment would be named Résumé, Lisa Voso.doc.

Here are some other résumé tips to remember.

1.  Check your spelling and grammar carefully. Mistakes do not make a good first impression.

2.  Does the résumé contain strange characters or dates?

3.  Do not name your résumé “Unemployment Résumé” or something similar that could send an equally negative impression.

For more résumé tips, follow my blog. For an assessment of your résumé and job skills, ask me about my comprehensive “job seeker” package. I can help you tailor your résumé and cover letter so your first impression is a great one! I can also coach on how to ace any interview. Contact me for more info.

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