Resume Tip #1: Font & Format

Most resumes are being sent via email these days, which poses real problems when it comes to font and format.  Very strange and unanticipated things can happen to your resume from the time you drop it into or attach it to an email to the time it is received.  People have different operating systems on their computers, which can change what you thought was a beautiful looking resume into something that looks like the work product of a small child.  No kidding!  So…here are my Font & Format thoughts:

  1. Will it look the same no matter what software the employer has to open it? (Email it to yourself and a few people you know to test formatting.)
  2. PDF format is generally the best choice.
  3. Does it highlight what it is about you that makes you a perfect fit for the position?
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Featured Tip

The speaker introduction is an often overlooked, but vitally important part of setting the stage for a successful presentation. David Greenberg’s Simply Speaking, Inc. suggests using the “SIN” formula to ensure your introductions are effective: S = Subject, State the subject or title of the presentation; I = Importance; State why the subject is important to the audience, and state why the speaker is important (the speaker’s credentials); N = Name.

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