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The best coaches are those who have done the work, put in the hours, and know how to teach others to do the same.

  • Lisa’s expertise, proven methods, and unique audience-centered approach will help you meet your speaking goals in every circumstance.
  • Lisa competed — and won — on the national speech circuit for 10 years; she knows how to succeed, because she learned from every loss along the way.
  • Lisa has a speech impediment; you will never hear it. She developed methods to quickly and effectively tackle every problem that may impact a speaker’s connection with the audience.
  • Lisa has used her skills broadly — from the battleground of the courtroom as an attorney to the inspirational intensity of the college classroom as a communications professor.


Lisa Voso’s magnetic personality and unique method of Prepare • Rehearse • Deliver™ empowers each training
participant to take charge of their voice, influence, and professional career.

Based on over twenty- five years of experience, Lisa’s method has helped thousands of people from around the world to understand the power and pitfalls of communication. She uses her extensive knowledge as an attorney, communications professor, and speech coach to get to the heart of the matter in effective communication.

Lisa’s ambition to master the art and skill of speaking with influence dates back to high school when she competed on a national speech and debate team. Lisa continued with national competitions while in college and law school. Her skills were instrumental in obtaining internships with the State Attorney’s office, Circuit Court Judges, and the Maryland House of Delegates. Lisa’s international externships took her to both Scotland and South Africa.

In addition to her Juris Doctorate, Lisa holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication and Leadership. Her upcoming book is based on her original theory and methods.


email info@vosoimpact.com phone 253-517-5643