Make an Impact with Lisa’s Top 10 Résumé Tips: Part #2


6. Content of your résumé should match skills in the job posting.

• List your skills, education and experience that relate to the job you are applying for.

• It is not necessary to list all of the duties of each job.

• Use powerful words (e.g., adept, created, mastered, developed).


7. Length of Your Résumé –Two pages is the customary length. One is generally too short and does not provide enough description of your skills, and more than two is way too much unless you are an engineer or a doctor. This does not include the reference page or cover letter.


8. Separate sections of your résumé with bullets and different formatting to help the reader find the desired information more quickly.


9. Follow-up after submitting your résumé and cover letter in one of these ways:

• Email

• Thank you note

• Phone call


10. Cover letter advice

• Do not start every paragraph with the word “I.”

• Tell a story about yourself that shows why you are the perfect fit for a job.

• If you are emailing your résumé, use the body of the email for your cover letter rather than attaching a separate cover letter.


Have a résumé question or a great tip to share me? Email Lisa, and she’ll try to include it in a future blog post.


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