Make an Impact With Lisa's Top 10 Resume Tips: Part #1

1. Font size and format

• Is it readable and universal? PDF format is generally a good choice.

• Does your résumé highlight what makes you the perfect fit for the position?

• Putting a simple black border around the document helps it stand out in the stack.

2. Naming your résumé and cover letter

• Name your résumé in a simple format. I recommend the word résumé followed by your first and last name. For example, “Resume Lisa Voso.doc.”

• Do not name it Unemployment Résumé.

• Omit any strange characters or dates in the name. For example, “Resume bookkeeper (4).”

3. Choosing the best type of résumé

•  Chronological – The most common résumé style.  Used when applying for a job similar to one you have worked before.  List your employment in chronological order, with most recent info. on top

•  Functional – Used to emphasize specific experience or to de-emphasize limited experience.  Highlight specific experience and skills rather than a chronological listing of work history.

•  Biographical –  Used most often in marketing pieces for real estate agents or speakers.  It begins with an overview statement, which provides a big-picture summary of your unique combination of skills and experience.

4. Be careful with creativity unless it is appropriate to the position.

• Use caution. You don’t know who will be screening résumés.

• Use a professional approach in your cover letter or email.

• Skip the emoticons (e.g., smiley faces) and texting language (LOL, etc.).

5. Check your grammar and spelling carefully.

• Mistakes do not create a good first impression.

• Have someone else proofread your résumé and cover letter for errors.

• Spell check is a useful tool, but it is not perfect.

Next week I’ll continue this list with tips 6 through 10. Stay tuned!


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