Lisa Practices What She Preaches


Timothy Anderson from Green River Community College raves about Lisa’s workshops and keynote address:


“Sometimes it’s hard to find people who ‘practice what they preach’; however, this isn’t the case with Lisa Voso.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending Lisa’s dynamic workshops and listening to one of her keynote addresses.  I was very impressed at seeing Lisa put into practice the exact things she talks about in her workshops and being successful at it!  When I was looking for speakers for an upcoming state-wide conference that I was organizing, Lisa was one of the first people I thought of.  Luckily I booked early enough to secure her as one of our speakers!”


Lisa will be teaching a series of communications workshops again this fall at Green River, starting October 12. Ideal for managers and executives, students will learn how to perfect persuasive techniques, turn coffee into cash, make money through marketing messages and hire the ideal person.

To enroll, visit Green River’s online course catalog.


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Featured Tip

5 ways to enhance your internal customer service (co-workers, other departments, suppliers/vendors)

  1. Listen carefully & empathically with your ears, eyes and heart
  2. Be polite by adding “please,” “thank you,” or “my pleasure”
  3. If a co-worker has a problem with your work, inquire, apologize, & work to resolve it quickly
  4. Lead with a positive
  5. Communicate concerns directly & minimize talking behind backs
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