Words are Just Words…Until the Delivery Gives Them Impact…

I just read this today and wanted to share it with you:

“Words and deeds matter. What we say influences who we are and what we do. What we do influences who we are and what others do. Words can heal and they can harm. Words can get us to stand up or sit down. Words can get us to wake up or to fall asleep.”  – Source unknown

This is a powerful statement.  By reading it, you have the opportunity to digest it at your own speed and with your own mindset, both of which influence the statement’s impact. The statement’s effect would be much different if you were sitting in an audience and these words were spoken to you. The impact of the words themselves would then be completely dependent on the person delivering them. How that speaker presents him or herself, their tone, inflections and body language all impact how you perceive that information. THAT is the power of public speaking.

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Featured Tip

5 ways to enhance your internal customer service (co-workers, other departments, suppliers/vendors)

  1. Listen carefully & empathically with your ears, eyes and heart
  2. Be polite by adding “please,” “thank you,” or “my pleasure”
  3. If a co-worker has a problem with your work, inquire, apologize, & work to resolve it quickly
  4. Lead with a positive
  5. Communicate concerns directly & minimize talking behind backs
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