We all need to connect

Our basic need for human connectivity is the same regardless of whether we are referring to computer mediated communication (CMC) or face to face (FtF) communication.  We strive to connect with people, to be understood, and to find support in times of crisis.  There is a voluminous amount of research attesting to the fact that as human beings we need close relationships to keep our mood buoyant through the uncertainties of life.  Our psychological well-being depends on having strong social support.

Part of what drives us to turn on the computer or our mobile devices is the deep-seeded desire to share our personal experiences in a community-like environment. Dr. Will Miller, the author of Refrigerator Rights delves into the ideas of creating connections and restoring relationships.  By any measure having a strong social support system is a critical resource for healthy living.  This is a great read, I highly recommend it.

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Featured Tip

5 non-monetary ways to motivate your employees:

  1. authentic management and leadership whose behavior is consistent and genuine
  2. proactive and regular communication
  3. high-quality training and development
  4. regular appraisal and positive feedback – restating business objectives and recognizing your staff’s contribution
  5. requests for feedback, either in person or via staff surveys, on how employees feel about their roles, the support they get, and improvements to the business
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