Signature Training Testimonial

“Lisa puts together creative presentations that are entertaining and offer skills for immediate use. After attending a few of Lisa’s trainings, we made the decision to retain her to help create a halfday customer service training. She achieved rave reviews from the participants, which is no easy feat.”

Roger Elmore

Senior Vice President
First Savings Bank Northwest

Speaker Development Testimonial

I gained confidence in my ability to speak to audiences, express myself clearly, and present myself in a professional way. I improved quickly. Those that knew me prior to the coaching have said I have improved 10 fold in my delivery of my speeches and impact on audiences


Customized Training Testimonial

“I have attended many training seminars over my 40 year banking career, but none with the interaction, depth of knowledge depth and level of energy you provided, Lisa. I never once caught myself being board or nodding off. We hired you for our “Who’s First?” customer service program training to my staff of 20. Even though they came in on a Saturday, I got nothing but positive feedback from the staff on the training content and your level of energy. Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations in all you have done for us, Lisa. ”

Marva Bradley

Vice President, Deposit Operations
First Savings Bank Northwest

Keynotes & Conferences Testimonial

“Your presentation at the graduation ceremony was great, Lisa, and you hit a home run with the audience. Your passion is contagious, your message is powerful, and your presentation is entertaining. Your approach to life’s challenges and the spirit you displayed challenged everyone in the audience.”

Jim Schneider

Fire Chief
Kent Fire Department RFA
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