Talk To Your Audience, Not Your Slides

One of the corporate communication classes I teach is on how to give an effective presentation. This class is particularly beneficial for leaders and managers who are required to give presentations all the time, but it can be helpful for students and new professionals as well.

Whether you use PowerPoint or another presentation program, it is important to focus on your audience rather than your audio-visual aids. How? Ask someone in the group to clap each time you read directly from a slide. This will help you to be aware that you are reading, rather than speaking. Also, when you meet your audience, ask them what they want to take away from the presentation. THOSE are the points that should be included in the slide and that you should drive home. Everything else is a bonus.

For more advice on how to give the perfect presentation, contact me about upcoming communications classes at Green River Community Collegeor to discuss the possibility of leadership training or one-on-one coaching. I’d love to help you improve your presentations. It is easier than you think.


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Learning to read body language signals not only makes you more acutely aware of how others try to dominate and manipulate, it also teaches us to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions.

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