Quality of hand squeeze (not shake) = Quality of first impression

Tip 10

Happy People = Better Performance = Higher Productivity

Tip 9

“Truly believe your fundamental purpose is to enlarge the lives of others.” – Unknown

Tip 8

5 ways to enhance your internal customer service (co-workers, other departments, suppliers/vendors)

  1. Listen carefully & empathically with your ears, eyes and heart
  2. Be polite by adding “please,” “thank you,” or “my pleasure”
  3. If a co-worker has a problem with your work, inquire, apologize, & work to resolve it quickly
  4. Lead with a positive
  5. Communicate concerns directly & minimize talking behind backs

Tip 7

Positive energy has a way of gaining traction and taking over…

Tip 6

“People have one thing in common, they’re all different.” -Robert Zend

Tip 5 – Robert Zend

#1 Rule in effective communication: It is not about you!

Tip 4

“If too many days go by when I am not looking forward to the day, then it’s time for a change.” – Steve Jobs

Tip 3–Steve Jobs

It only takes 5 seconds to make a first impression.  And those impressions are lasting ones…

Tip 2

Small communication changes can have a global impact.

Tip 1

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