Signature Training


Making Outstanding First Impressions [+]

As much as we have been told that first impressions are important, most people still do not know how to make truly outstanding ones. Creating a meaningful first impression requires a deep understanding of nonverbal cues, analysis of micro-expressions, awareness of communication habits, and a willingness to assess our own blind spots. This Voso Signature Training balances theory and practice, as participants explore each of these areas and learn how to leverage the opportunities that come with outstanding first impressions.


Reading Body Language for Strategic Communication [+]

Superior communication requires attention to both the content of what is being said and the bundle of complex nonverbal cues communicated at the same time. Without this awareness, true understanding is lost and crucial opportunities missed. In this highly popular Voso Signature Training, participants learn about body dynamics, identify communication patterns, and engage in exercises that reveal how to skillfully read body language.

With this knowledge, participants are equipped to focus and direct conversations to their intended outcomes.


Writing Superior Emails [+]

Research reveals surprising information about why email communication often hurts rather than helps our workplace relationships. In this informative Voso Signature Training, participants learn about these shocking findings through the lens of how thoughts, emotions, and language are connected.

Strategies that utilize the power of language to optimize communications are provided. This hands-on approach allows participants to practice constructing emails relevant to workplace scenarios. The crucial skills learned are immediately applicable.


Developing Exceptional Telephone Communication [+]

These skills ensure customer satisfaction and protect your company’s brand. Participants learn effective body positioning and speaker development exercises. They also engage in voice training and interactive simulation. This course is designed and recommended for all employees who engage with internal and external customers through telephone communication. The skills learned are immediately applicable.


Achieving Superior Listening Competency [+]

Superior listening skills are pivotal to complex decision making, critical problem solving, and building important professional relationships. In this Voso Signature Training, participants will receive the Voso Guide to Listening for Disclosure; a field-tested method of active listening that dramatically increases efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Exercises to develop expertise and stamina are emphasized in this training. The skills learned are immediately applicable.


Delivering Remarkable Customer Service [+}

Customer service professionals carry tremendous responsibility to earn and monitor customer loyalty and differentiate their company from the competition. Based on original Voso theory, this field-tested Voso Signature Training equips customer service professionals with crucial knowledge and skills that ensure stellar service.

Participants learn how to execute superior first impressions, manage body dynamics, and make strategic linguistic choices.
In addition, they discover how to ask the right questions, manage responses, and lead communications to desired outcomes.


Masterful Storytelling for Career Advancement [+}

Reaching realistic career benchmarks requires skill in communicating “on-the-spot” messages clearly and concisely. This Voso Signature Training prepares participants to be courageous throughout their career development journey. The Voso Guide to an Impactful Elevator Speech is provided to assist participants in drafting and performing their high impact personal story.

In Part One, participants learn the key elements of a compelling story, how to narrow desired outcomes, and correctly analyze the audience. Participants are then guided to shape important aspects of their lives into a compelling brief presentation.

In Part Two, participants learn the key elements of a confident delivery, edit their presentations, and practice performing to achieve their desired outcome. The skills learned are immediately applicable to networking, interviewing, and seizing opportunities as they arise.


Persuading Others Respectfully & Professionally [+}

The capacity to respectfully persuade others is one of the highest professional bench marks. Using persuasive skills to lead, rebuild relationships, and direct others increases credibility and loyalty.

In this innovative Voso Signature Training, participants receive the Voso Guide to Persuasion and engage in exercises to increase confidence and proficiency. Senior level contributors are encouraged to participate.


Facilitating Successful Conflict Resolution [+]

A broad understanding of the nature of communication conflict, human dynamics, and how to facilitate powerful resolution is a skill set most professionals have not developed. In this Voso Signature Training, participants prepare for successful resolutions of difficult communications in organizations and with associates or customers.

Managing emotional conversations while initiating and maintaining productive dialogue are highlighted. Participants identify emotional triggers, poor communication patterns, and high-conflict words in order to modify communication habits. Body positioning, breathing, and voice modulation techniques are introduced to increase proficiency in facilitating superior con ict resolution.


Bridging Generations for Organizational Success [+]

Superior organizational success becomes possible when generational communication differences are bridged in the workplace. This in-demand Voso Signature Training begins with an illuminating review of expert theoretical research regarding each generation’s shared assumptions, attitudes, and beliefs.

A compassionate look at how narrow perceptions can lead to misunderstanding and even hostility is followed by an exploration of Lisa Voso’s empirical research on communication preferences, linguistic choices, and habitual response patterns.

Participants receive the Voso Guide to Successful Generational Communication, which invites broadmindedness by shifting perceptions and equipping participants with tools to increase shared understanding, manage workplace morale, and develop win-win communications.

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