Résumés That Get Results

Whether you are actively looking for a job or simply haven’t worked on your résumé for awhile, you want to have an up-to-date résumé on hand. You never know when a great opportunity might come your way, and you want to be ready.

If your skills are a little rusty or you want to learn what’s changed since you last looked for a job, sign up for my upcoming class at GRCC – Résumés That Get Results.” This continuing education class at Green River Community College’s Kent campus is a great way to update your skills and learn how to produce a résumé that will stand out from a pile of others.

Having been tasked with hiring employees since starting my legal career in 2000, I have reviewed thousands of résumés.  In fact, I just completed résumé screening for a law firm, and I incorporated the good, the bad, and the ugly into the materials for this class.

Sign up online now for this January 19 class at GRCC, Kent:  www.greenriver.edu/ce.

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