Impact comes from understanding human behavior
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Voso Impact can tailor workshops to fit any size group you need; ranging from one-on-one coaching to small teams up to entire auditoriums, our workshops help your people gain the tools they need to communicate effectively.Take a look at some of our standard class offerings below and contact us to get a quote to have us work with your team. Whether you’re a part of a corporation, a non-profit or want to improve your own personal communication skills, The Voso Impact can help you reach your goals.
Helping Staff Manage Change
Identify ways to effectively lead through global changes, while minimizing resistance and systemic negative emotions.
Assessing Personalities and Effective Leadership
Learn about your strongest personality traits and those of others you work with, and learn how to manage all personality types around the leader’s own style.
Difficult Conversations
Learn the concepts and skills required to manage difficult tactics and emotional conversations, with improved ability to initiate and maintain productive discussions in difficult and complex situations.
Motivating Employees Non-monetarily
Part 1 –  Effectively using Participative Decision Making & Collaboration Learn relation-oriented behaviors that will help assess others values and how these impact performance and engagement by seeing things from multiple views.
Part 2 – Team Member Engagement Strengthen skills at assessing the loyalty level of current employees, recognize the signs and impact of burn-out, and be proactive in keeping employees loyal and engaged.
Efficient Facilitation & Execution of Meetings
Learn how to fully engage teams and boost productivity, increase the effectiveness of decision-making, head off emergencies and reduce the number of problems to  create a smoother running, more profitable operation.
Effective Feedback
Part 1 –  Increasing and maintaining credibility
Learn techniques in both obtaining and soliciting feedback. Skills learned will assist in obtaining productive feedback and how to increase or maintain levels of credibility through strategic planning and implementation.
Part 2 – Creating employee interest and involvement Learn how to run effective appraisal meetings including discussing positives first, then areas of opportunity with objectivity, finding common ground and agreement on specific improvement areas, and setting specific and measureable expectations for future performance.
Strategic Management
Strengthen understanding of relationships of departments to their environments and organizational objectives. Help managers better understand the purposes, processes, and tools of strategic management and how to apply the critical thinking skills required to analyze complex business situations, and develop and implement practical responses.
Customer Service
Whether your customers are internal, external or both, it is important that you create a good first impression and continually provide stellar service.
First Impressions
In the few seconds it takes for you to walk up to someone or into a room, judgments are made about you before you ever say a word. What signals are you sending? How are they impacting your business and relationships?
Lost in Transmission: Strategies for Drafting Effective Emails
Today’s number-one communication tool is e-mail. Participants will learn to overcome the inherent challenges with e-mail and produce clear, concise, and accurate messages.
Human Influence Strategies
How do you effectively influence someone to change their mind, or to take action? You will learn influence strategies, how to craft influential messages, and effective delivery methods without the need for coercion, manipulation, or punishment.
Turning Coffee Into Cash
Networking is one of the most profitable activities in which one can engage, and yet sometimes it can feel so awkward. We highlight some key points regarding first impressions, advanced body language analysis, and how to ask strategic questions.
High Impact Presentations 
(Basic or Advanced) Your ability to deliver presentations that have a high impact on the audience is an important skill regardless of your profession. This course will guide you through the entire process of succeeding with high impact presentations.
Communicating between the Generations 
(Basic or Advanced) Being aware of generational differences can help you anticipate miscommunications and tailor your message for maximum effect.
Advanced Body Language
While most know the basic meanings associated with certain body language, understanding the complexities behind the bundled non-verbal cues people give off is an area most have not had the opportunity to study.
Advanced Audience Analysis
It is difficult when you are up in front of the room with all eyes on you to focus on anyone or anything other than your own emotions and thoughts. Learn how to turn your focus to your audience, how to read them effectively and, most importantly, to direct the audience to your intended outcome.

Featured Tip

Public speaking relies on the complex dynamics between the speaker and his/her audience.


“Lisa Voso’s lively presentations for Green River Community College make her a favorite among students and staff alike. She has done numerous training classes and Brown Bag seminars for the college, all very well received, and her topic knowledge combined with her skill in delivering it enthusiastically to people of all ages makes her one of the most sought-after trainers in Washington. People who see her want to see her again and again. If you’re even thinking about hiring an energetic, dynamic, highly engaging trainer or speaker, call Lisa Voso.”

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