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Customized keynote speeches – After being provided with the specific objective for the keynote, Voso Impact will draft and present an engaging original customized keynote speech targeted for the intended audience, the time parameters given, and which will achieve the intended outcome.  Some previous speech topics included:

  • “The Voice – quieting the voice that holds you back.”
  • “It’s ok! Just catch the next bus.”
  • “Positive Choices to Success.”
  • ”Toasting Success.”
  • “Mindfulness – living in the present moment.”
  • “To speak or not to speak – there is no question.”

Featured Tip

Yaffe’s Law: If you give people what they want first, they are likely to accept anything else you want them to have. If you give them what you want first, they likely won’t accept anything from you at all.


“Your presentation at the graduation ceremony was great, Lisa, and you hit a home run with the audience. Your passion is contagious, your message is powerful, and your presentation is entertaining. Your approach to life’s challenges and the spirit you displayed challenged everyone in the audience.”

Jim Schneider

Fire Chief
Kent Fire Department RFA
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