HR Training

In part 2 of Advanced Interview Techniques, you will be videotaped in a simulated interview setting with Lisa and other members of the class or local community. This technique is a proven method to helping you improve your interview style quickly and efficiently.

Simulated Interview Training, part 2 of 2

Lisa will teach you how to present yourself in any interview format including behavior-based interviews. She’ll coach you on what questions are allowed and which are not, how to build a positive connection with the interviewer, preparing a strong presentation and persuading a prospective employer to offer you the job.

Advanced Interview Techniques, part 1 of 2

This course includes résumé writing basics as well as more complex topics including career changes, returning to work and employment gap issues, writing bios and profile descriptions for networking and more.

Advanced Résumé | Business Profile Drafting

In this class, Lisa will focus on searching for and hiring the right person for a specific job in an organization. It includes drafting job descriptions, interviewing skills, asking behavioral-based questions, analyzing skills and avoiding inappropriate or illegal questions and situations.

Hiring the Perfect Person

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