Improve Your Public Speaking Skills with Lisa Voso


Public speaking is intimidating to a lot of people, including those who speak for a living. To help you smooth out those rough edges, I’ve created a series of classes designed to hone your public speaking skills. I teach some of these courses at Green River Community College, but I can also provide public speaking training to groups of any size. You’ll learn some tips and tricks to make public speaking easier for you, and you will see immediate results.

  • - High Yield Presentations – Learn speaking drills and how to prepare and present content and visual aids.
  • - The Art of Making a Great First Impression – Make your first impression count.
  • - Communicating Between Generations – Avoid miscommunication by learning how to reach out to audiences of different generations.
  • - Advanced Audience Analysis – Discover how to read your audience and direct them to the intended outcome.
  • - Maximizing Audience Retention – Prepare your content to maximize the audience’s experience and retention.

To learn more about these courses and how they could benefit you or your group, contact me today.


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5 non-monetary ways to motivate your employees:

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  5. requests for feedback, either in person or via staff surveys, on how employees feel about their roles, the support they get, and improvements to the business
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