5 Tips on Using Visual Aids Effectively

Visual aids are a great way to enhance a presentation and illustrate specific points. When done correctly, visual aids add to the audience’s retention and experience. When done incorrectly, however, you will lose your audience’s attention to the visual aid. Here are 5 top tips to help you use visual aids effectively.

  1. You are your #1 visual aid, so be sure you aren’t distracting your audience by pacing, thrusting your hips (men, I’m talking to YOU) or fidgeting.
  1. The purpose of the visual aid is to aid the audience, not the presenter.
  1. When using a visual aid, be sure your audience has time to absorb it before speaking. If you talk while displaying it, people won’t focus on what you are saying.
  1. Speak to your audience only when facing them, never with your back to them.
  1. Test your audio visual materials before your presentation. Be prepared to give your presentation without the benefit of the aids if there is an equipment malfunction or some other problem. In other words, be prepared with Plan B!


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